My lessons are for

  • Individuals

  • Groups

  • Business English

  • English for Lawyers

  • University students

I offer an initial 30 minute assessment for 10 euros.  In this session, we will determine your level and talk about your interests and English learning goals. Please answer the following questions in your contact email.

  1. What do you want to improve (speaking, writing, business English, English for travel, etc.)?

  2. How many lessons per week are you interested in?

  3. What is your schedule like?  When are the best times for you to meet?

  4. Do you prefer structured or unstructured lessons (see below)?

Unstructured – You bring material that you’d like to work on.  I don’t charge for lesson prep as you decide what we will work on.  Please note that this means that I don’t prepare anything for the lesson but I will correct you ad hoc.  I also do not give homework.  This type of lesson could involve working on speaking practice, presentations for work, work projects, editing a text, asking grammar questions, travel, etc.

Structured – Preparation and homework are included.  For this type of lesson I will bring materials such as grammar worksheets and explanations, photocopies from text books, news articles, interview questions and sample answers, and other materials for English lessons.   I will also correct assigned homework.  This may require a textbook that you will need to purchase.

*If I have no time in my schedule, I might send a colleague to give lessons that I cannot attend to personally, but I would discuss that with you first.