Private English lessons in Berlin, Rachele Volk

photo r.v.

Hi, I’m Rachele. I was born in Fargo, which you may know from the Coen Brothers’ movie with the bloody snow. But don’t worry, I don’t have the same weird accent as Minnesotans usually have in the movies.

I’ve been teaching English for the past ten years to all kinds of people around the world. I have taught English to American immigrants, children and adults in South Korea, university students in China and business professionals in Berlin, Germany.

I understand that learning a foreign language can be frustrating sometimes as an adult learner.  I create a comfortable environment during my lessons so you can feel at ease speaking English. Many of my students gain a new level of confidence after a few lessons.

I have a CELTA certificate in teaching English. Ich spreche auch etwas Deutsch (Level B1, Mai 2017), aber ich denke es ist besser for you to remain speaking in English…

Online lessons now available

If I have no time in my schedule, I might send a colleague to give lessons that I cannot attend to personally, but I would discuss that with you first.