Fees & Payment

Fees for lessons are as follows (VAT included):

Unstructured lessons

25 euros per 45 min.

Structured lessons

30 euros per 45 min.

Group lessons with friends (2 to 3 people)

15 euros each person per 45 min. (unstructured lesson)

17 euros each person per 45 min. (structured lesson)

If only one person participates in a lesson, then that person is responsible for the cost of an individual lesson.

*see cancellation policy and travel fee below


45 euros per 45 min. (VAT not included)

Please note:  The company rate applies to courses paid for through a company;  it is not only for classes taught to company employees.

Cancellation Policy

No charge for cancellations given within 24 hours before the lesson. Regular class fee is charged for cancellations given less than 24 hours before the lesson.

Travel Fee

For distances over 35 min. by Bahn, I charge a total fee of 14 euros.


Usually two lessons at 45 min. are standard for one meeting.