Business English for Companies

In-house English course for your employees

Business EnglishMy colleagues and I have many years of experience giving Business English courses for companies in a wide range of fields and industries. We can help you define achievable learning objectives for your employees and focus on the vocabulary of your business sector. Below are some common objectives that you can achieve in our Business English language courses for companies.

Business English Corporate Course

Level B1-C2

  • Improve your confidence when speaking in a meeting or giving a presentation
  • Use expressions and phrases that are commonly used in your business environment
  • Improve your ability to make small talk in a business environment
  • Participate in conference and video calls without feeling lost
  • Write clear and focused emails
  • Talk about your education, experience, strengths and weaknesses, and provide information about your career

Level A1-A2

  • Start at a basic level and work your way up to a more advanced level
  • Learn to introduce yourself, have a simple conversation, and express your thoughts
  • Speak confidently on the phone using the right phrases
  • Learn basic grammar to improve your spoken English

Before the Business English course starts, we will find out the level of each participant and plan learning objectives based on that.

The price for English courses for companies is 48€ per lesson hour. Classes can have up to 8 participants; they can also be one-on-one. In addition, there may be costs for books for English lessons (30-40€). Business English language courses are usually held in-house at your company or online and include 2 x 45 minutes per session.