English Lessons for adults

My English lessons are for:

Individuals (in-person or online)

You will receive personal attention and lessons created according to your interests and preferred learning style. Your English will benefit from the personalized focus of a native English speaking teacher. Whether you want to focus on general English, business English, or to prepare for an upcoming event, the lessons will advance your ability to communicate effectively in English. An additional benefit with one-on-one lessons is the ability to meet according to your schedule.

English lessons for Groups (2 to 3 people)

Receive the same benefits as in one-on-one lessons, but with a friend or two. This can make simulations of situations you might encounter in real-life in English more dynamic.

English lessons for Lawyers

Improve your legal English with a special focus on legal terminology. Materials are sourced from various texts designed for international legal English.

English lessons for university students

Improve your writing skills or prepare for English placement exams.

English courses for Companies

Lessons are also available for corporate classes or business owners who need to build English skills for business communications. Please find more information for company classes here.


I offer an initial 30 minute assessment for 10 euros in-person or for free online.  In this session, we will determine your level and talk about your interests and English learning goals. Please answer the following questions in your contact email.

  1. What do you want to improve (speaking, writing, business English, English for travel, etc.)?
  2. How many lessons per week are you interested in?
  3. What is your schedule like?  When are the best times for you to meet?

*If I have no time in my schedule, I might send a colleague to give lessons that I cannot attend to personally, but I would discuss that with you first.