Meine Kollegen

meine kollegenAdrian

Adrian was born in the United States, but grew up in Taiwan, where he attended a Chinese elementary school for many years. Because both Chinese and English were spoken at home, he became a native speaker in both languages. He also spent many years as an adult living in mainland China, where he taught English and worked as a translator. All told, he spent ten years of his life immersed in that culture, and subsequently, he offers a unique perspective of both east and west.

meine kollegenMilton

Milton’s credentials are grounded in business and communication skills theory, as well as phonetics, linguistics and TEFL teaching in the areas of finance, logistics and business. Coaching is another skill he has added to his repertoire over the past decade and has had over 15 years of hands-on experience in training and consulting organisations internationally. He holds diplomas in teaching English as a foreign language/CELTA, Corporate and Executive Coaching, a Masters in Business and Public Administration, and a Doctorate in Education.