Would you like…?

Would you likeWould you like a cup of coffee?

Do you like a cup of coffee?

Which of the above questions are correct? Read on to find out.

The wrong form is ‚Do you a cup of coffee?‘. We use Would you like… and not Do you like… when offering something. Would also has many other uses, but this post will only look at using would for offers and requests.


When offering something to someone, using Would you like… is a polite way to do it. You can also say Do you want…, but Would you like… is more polite. Below are some examples of offers with some example responses.


  • Would you like me to open a window?  Yes, please.
  • Would you like another piece of cake?  No, thanks.
  • Would you like to go to the park this weekend? That would be nice.
  • Would you like to try? Sure.


Here is how to form questions with Would you like:

Would (modal) + you (subject) + like + to + verb

Would (modal) + you (subject) + like + me (object) + to + verb 

Would (modal) + you (subject) + like + noun


When requesting something, using I would like… is more polite than saying I want…. Below are some examples of requests and declining something in affirmative and negative statements.


  • I would like a coffee, please.
  • I’d like to buy this shirt.
  • I would like you to call.
  • He would like to exchange this phone for a new one.
  • They’d like to have an answer by Friday.
  • I wouldn’t like to join you at this time. (politely declining something)
  • I wouldn’t like another piece of cake, thanks. (politely declining something)


Affirmative Form:

Subject + would (modal) + like + to + verb

Subject + would (modal) + like + noun

Subject + would (modal) + not + like + to + verb
Subject + would (modal) + not + like + noun